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The Biggest Mistake - Brakelight Religion - Drown The World

Label: Mental Studios - MNT-BR-029 • Format: CD Album, Stereo • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock
Download The Biggest Mistake - Brakelight Religion - Drown The World

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If you can't find the email you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. I left a man I'd lived with for nearly a decade because Viagra came on the market and I thought it would enable me to perform with women and I could have a "normal" life. Instead at 59 I am alone and disconnected. R5 I'm in the opposite situation. Stayed in a place where I was desperately unhappy.

Several years later, I feel the same but with no chance to leave. I feel like a trapped animal. In the s I was The Biggest Mistake - Brakelight Religion - Drown The World my 20s and living in San Francisco. My hardworking, generous, wonderful father said, "Find a house and I'll make the down payment. The Biggest Mistake - Brakelight Religion - Drown The World stupid, lazy, and totally ignorant about buying houses I let it slide. You can't get a dump for under one million in SF now.

Buy the time I could afford to buy I couldn't afford San Francisco any more. Moved north. Same here R22 - but for me it was not buying in NYC in the early 90s. Always thought market would crash. Fear is what I regret most. Not thinking bigger and dreaming bigger when I was young and had possibilities I didn't own for myself. Not running away from home sooner. He was a cattleman and we did OK by the standards of the time. But my dad was a violent, mean, abusive man. He was huge, built like a shit brickhouse - at least pounds of mostly muscle.

He terrorized my mom and my brothers and me. He would make us sing demeaning songs and dance humiliating dances, often naked. He would belittle and humiliate our tiny cocklets and call us fags, punks, bitches, and queers. He would beat us regularly, attacking us with his belt with no warning. Once I dropped a plate. He dragged me to the outhouse and unloaded a bladderfull of rank piss all over my hair and refused to let me clean up.

If me or one of my brothers fucked up, he would make us wear one of our sister's dresses for a day. Once, I had to wear a dress when we had company and he openly mocked and humiliated me, and then pulled up the dress to show everyone my puny cocklet. He made me dance degrading erotic dances and sing vulgar humiliating songs. When I came out he physically assaulted me. He and his buddies and my uncles beat the shit out of me, fucked me up the ass, and then branded me I still have the scar.

I drifted out to Idaho and worked odd jobs and turned tricks until I managed to make it down to Portland and start a new life.

R34 that is the most horrible story and your dad is an evil man who's gonna burn in hell. I'm so sorry what you went through. It sickens me. I hope you've found a life for yourself that brings you some kind of happiness. I hope you will find peace before you die. I hope you're dad is dead. Not staying in LA right at the moment I was getting offered jobs in the film industry that would've made my career but I was in love!! The "story" at R34 has been posted many times before, and has had it's own threads.

Do a search for "shit brickhouse". The "shit brickhouse" was a tip-off to me R I was going to post that it had been posted before, but questioned my memory. Thanks for call them out. What is this song about? I think the author of the song dumped Mary, and later R42, what exactly makes you believe that the story is Various - Golden Oldies Vol.

9 It has the ring of truth to me. Why would someone write about grotesque, humiliating, degrading experiences if they did not occur? Must we be so callous? R52, ok so assuming that it possible that some men might find the scenario described by R42 as turn-on, does that necessarily mean that R42's story is a fantasy or otherwise fake? He could just be baring his soul to DL. Took a job with a sociopath when everyone told me not to.

He destroyed my career. I dream about his violent death every day. According to him working in retail was woman's work and I needed a real job, The Biggest Mistake - Brakelight Religion - Drown The World he happened to know of. I followed his advice, quit my job only to find out the other place wasn't interested in me because I was a high school drop out.

Confessed to a straight friend whom I only known for a few months that I liked him. He reacted positively though the feelings were not mutual. What mess things up is I turned into an obnoxious drunk wrapped in guilt and shame as I still tried to pretend to be straight. He eventually had enough. I miss the shit out of him. He, or his copycats, keeps posting this story with the exact same wording, always referring to "puny cocklets" and "shit brickhouses", R I hate people who always yell EST, but get real.

I Dont Wanna Break My Heart - Bobbysocks - Bobbysocks did you ever find that perfect woman?

If that story really has the ring of truth to you, then I'm sorry for a what a difficult life you must have, navigating the world with such a low IQ. I would imagine if you're built like a brickhouse that is made instead entirely of shit you'd be pretty much a pushover.

I would give anything to get my straight bud back. Sometimes I feel like being gay is a curse. I know some of you know how to track postings so you may have seen other things attempting to be funny or incite conversation but I mean it. Theres nothing like falling in love but then also losing that person as even a friend. Well, then I regret acting cold and aloof during my first year of college. I think I thought that, by playing it aloof, I could seem mysterious and fascinating or something.

Plus, it saved me from potentially awkward situations. I was very shy and trying to protect myself and make a new start on my own terms, but I think I just came across as a dick. I really regret that. I feel like most everyone in my year either despised me or thought I was super weird and unapproachable.

Thankfully, I ended up befriending a ton of people in the years below me and my reputation ended up getting better by the time I graduated. The damage was done, but I think most people realized that the person they met in our first year wasn't the real me. It was too late to win some of them over, but I think I got the majority. Yes, it was dumb. He was probably the only person who ever truly loved me. But I've always had very conflicted feelings about my homosexuality.

I wonder if that wouldn't have caused the end of our relationship eventually anyway, even if I hadn't done what I did.

My parents discovered my secret when I was 17 and they found a note I had written to a male classmate I was fooling around with. They sent me to a shrink, who wasn't much help. On his advice, however, I did start The Biggest Mistake - Brakelight Religion - Drown The World girls, but ever happened beyond oral sex. I was not able to perform. After my first year of college, I was only The Biggest Mistake - Brakelight Religion - Drown The World active with men, but there was always a feeling that one day I'd Dance Of The Seven Paper Hankies - Caravan - In The Land Of Grey And Pink a woman who would change all that.


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    Drown the World, an album by Brakelight Religion on Spotify. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics gukswordcasternador.infoinfoed on:
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